Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Villain

Ok, after the 573rd time of cleaning the living room today, I QUIT!! I absolutely love my son... He's the *best* part of my world. But, today, he's been more of a super-villain than a side-kick! If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was Stewie Griffin in the flesh. He's been sick, so I figured I could stay up a little late last night and it wouldn't be a big deal because he'd sleep in this morning. Perfectly logical, right? Boy, was I wrong. He's been under the weather. He had "lost time" to make up for. He woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed... And completely insane. He started off the morning by having me convinced that we'd be beginning our day in the ER. Honestly, how many times does a child have to be told "Quit jumping on the couch, you're going to kill yourself" before they believe you? I'm beginning to think I should invest in the Band-Aid brand. 

 After breakfast, I figured I might be able to take a catnap on the couch for a few minutes while he was watching Bubble Guppies. Guess what? I was wrong about that, too! My eyes had been closed for roughly 10 minutes. In that time frame I must have morphed into a Bounce House. I thought for sure that the walls would be painted with the yogurt I had just eaten.

And speaking of painting walls: He's recently decided that hes going to start peeing while standing. An art form that no male seems to be able to master at any age. At 3 years old, he's already managed to make it look like a truck stop bathroom. And I'm up to my ankles in pee. I may as well pull all of the rubber duckies out of the bathtub and start racing them down the hallway.

Don't get me started on the cracker crumbs all over the coffee table, the couch, and crunched into the carpet! Later, he very sweetly asked if he could "Pwease have some Oreos after dinner"... And I obliged. I was in another room, and he came to tell me he'd spilled his milk. So much for the floor I'd just vacuumed and the table I'd just wiped down! And then there was the fact that he was covered in mushed-up, soppy chocolate cookie. It was on his face, in his hair, even on his back. (how the HECK did it get THERE?!) He looked like a little piglet that had just rolled around in the mud. After I cleaned up all of that, I had to run to the bathroom. And, just as I was sitting down to pee, I slipped... Arms and legs flailing as I tried to summon every ounce of those superpowers and fly away from sure destruction. It must have worked because, thankfully, I caught myself before I could fall into the toilet, most-likely hitting the handle with my elbow on the way down, and being sucked into the pits of hell. What did I slip in? Lightening McQueen shampoo that somebody decided would look much better in a puddle on the floor, rather than safely inside its bottle.

Today as been a crazy, eventful day. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled that it was almost bedtime! But, that's life. You have to take the crazy days with the good days. He might've given me a run for my money today, but I'm so glad he's mine! I thank God for him every single day. I can't help but think of how boring my life would be without him. And, he's been a saving grace after all I've been through. The situation sucks. It hurts in ways that only someone who's been through a similar situation can truly understand. But, one of the positive things is that it's made us even closer. He really is a sweet kid. Definitely more side-kick than super-villain. He's fiercely protective when he thinks someone's hurt my feelings. I remember when my marriage was coming to an end. He was a year and a half old at the time. And even at that young, he knew something was going on. He absolutely refused to let his father come anywhere near me. He would shove us apart and start crying hysterically if he thought his daddy was too close. And to this day, no one can grab me and jokingly say "This is MY mama!" without getting a full-on war. He's always telling me how much he loves me, that I'm "bootiful", and that he's "gonna keep me safe and 'protek'" me forever. He holds my hand when he sits next to me. In a way, he's more my superhero than I am his. We're a team... And we're completely fine conquering this world on our own, if we have to :) Any boy can make a baby, but it takes a real man to raise a child. Real men don't throw their families away.

If this entry didn't come out quite as "poetic" as some of the others, I apologize. I've been discovered, and all I can see next to me is a bouncing blur that's shouting "PHINEAS AND 'FUHB"!" (<---Sometimes, he thinks he's British), "OOH! LOOK AT THE BOUNCY 'FING'!", and "CAN I 'PWEASE' HAVE A FEW MORE COOKIES?!?!" (To wich the answer is a big, fat NO!")... And it's made it really difficult to concentrate on writing :P


  1. I've been going through a lot lately. Some things feel almost impossible. I just want you to know to keep writing. Your words are an inspiration, and I admire you for your strength and courage. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, Tricia... Thank you! I teared up a little. Comments like that mean so much to me. I'm really sorry for whatever you're going through. But, I have no doubt that you're going to be just fine. I don't know where life is going to take you... But, if you keep a positive attitude and have faith, you'll get to places you've never even dreamed of! I know it's easier said than done sometimes. You're not always going to wake up ready to seize the day. But, if you can manage to push through it, you'll be amazed at what you'll discover about yourself. I promise!

  3. Put blue food dye in the toilet. He'll love that his pee changes it to green- he'll aim properly every time! Worked with Landon like a charm!